Fire Damage Restoration: Minimize Fire Damage to Your Home with These Tips

A fire in your house is a devastating experience, both to your family and all of your personal belongings. You could be wondering what you could do to further protect your house, or if you should just let a professional care for the region. Smoke and fire damage is a tricky thing to manage, so it is essential to get a professional restoration company handle that aspect of fire damage restoration.

Ahead of the professionals begin your fire damage restoration project, here are some things to do after a fire:

Restrict activity and foot traffic at your property. Staying off of carpet, furniture, and upholstery is key to preventing soot, soil, and other contaminants from becoming trapped throughout your home.
If you do need to have around your house a little, put down clean towels or sheets on the floor and furniture.
If at all possible, change filters in your home to keep dirt and soot from circulating.
Do not attempt to wash the walls or carpet -- leave that for your professionals to pr…